Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fred Burks: Lyndon Johnson Participated in the Assassination of JFK

On this Nov. 22, the anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, we present the History Channel’s suppressed ninth instalment of the series The Men Who Killed Kennedy. This part looks at the role of Lyndon B. Johnson in that event. You remember the famous photo of Johnson winking at someone else onboard Air Force One, carrying JFK”s body? Now his attorney acknowledges that he was involved. Thanks to Jeannie A.
Fred Burks writes:
Suppressed History Channel Documentary of Kennedy Assassination: I got a copy of the banned final segment of the History Channel’s “Men Who Killed Kennedy.” It starts with Pres. Johnson’s own lawyer, who states, I know as attorney for Lyndon Johnson that he murdered John Kennedy.” Don’t miss this most amazing censored video on the 48th anniversary of Kennedy’s death. Here’s the link:
Kennedy Assassination Video: Part 9 of a well researched History Channel video documentary ‘The Men Who Killed Kennedy’ (view free) shows how the Kennedy assassination was likely carried out by elements within the government.

Click here to view the embedded video. ( 1 hour )


Also, my son found a youtube video showing that the driver of the car killed Kennedy. Remember how Jackie K. scrambled off the back end of the car? Now it makes sense! She was getting away from the driver and his gun!

Click here to view the embedded video.( 1 min )


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