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May 24, 2010


by Elizabeth Trutwin

You will know your Mission.

Your Vision for Your Mission comes to you after you have passed all your tests.

Mother will come to you directly or through your Guides. She will suggest you may want to take a Chosen Responsibility, because it is YOUR MISSION.

The Vision will be so big, you will weep.

You will weep in humility, wondering if you are capable of such a large Vision.

That is how you will know YOUR MISSION.

Outline: My Vision for the Children

This World is for the Children.

The adult role will be to Guide them and support them in their Dreams as we allow the Children to show us the Path back to Balance.

We will build this World together based on Truth, Respect, and Love.

Immediately after Announcements, children everywhere will be provided with food, shelter, pure water, hospitals, and schools. These will be provided to their families as well. Not all will immediately receive money though the basics for a dignified life are guaranteed immediately.

Dome Homes are built and in storage now. They will be shipped on the morning of Announcements. Every Country will receive Dome Homes and there will be no more Homeless people. There will be no more Refugee Camps. There will be no more Shanty Villages. The Countries who need this assistance are aware it is coming.

Dome Homes come in different sizes to meet the needs of the family. They do not require heating or cooling. They are the perfect temperature at all times. No matter whether they are placed in cold climates or hot climates, they do not require temperature control. Dome Homes are very low maintenance. For example, in times of flooding, they float. No one will lose their home or their life in case of a flood. These Dome Homes are called Love Bubbles.

This advanced Dome technology will be available in larger buildings for medical clinics and schools. There will be no delay putting these into place.

Higher technology will be used for healing the children who require this. Hunger, digestive issues, immunity issues, traumas, prosthetics, cleft palate surgeries and life saving surgeries will be available to all the children at no cost to them or their families. The new healing techniques are profoundly advanced compared to what we have to offer now. They are available to be in place immediately. Proper nutrition will cure many ailments children suffer now. Local fresh organic foods will be available everywhere and will be provided to the children.

Immediately there will be Teams in place to visit Children and their Families in small Villages in rural areas in Africa, South America, India, Europe, North America, and anywhere schools are an immediate need.

There will be schools set up for the children called Knowers Arc. These schools will have technology, some you know about, and much that is new. Large monitors will be set up for the Children up front in the classroom where there used to be a chalkboard. One of the functions of these monitors will be to connect the children of the World together. These children will visit each other via live stream over satellite transmission. Classrooms will join classrooms for the purpose of sharing culture and sharing lessons in science, history, and astronomy.

There will be transportation available so these children in the shared classrooms may have Cultural Exchanges. The students and their parents will visit the foreign classroom and in the next Exchange they will swap.

In these Schools, Parents and Community Elders will part of the time play a role in the Teaching. The children will be immersed in their own Cultures. They will learn their history, their Folk Tales, their Traditions, their Foods, their Dance, and their Songs. There will be gatherings at the schools during important Days in their Cultures with traditional foods, games, and costume, as well as stories, song and dance.

The children will have part of their Day learning about Mother Earth and all her gifts as well as The Stars, Systems, and Planets. Children will learn about their natural World and their role in taking care of it. There will be magical programs designed for every age Group learning the Truth about our Galactic Heritage. Children will be shown Who They Are…Where They Come From and Why They Are Here.

The Children will learn the Ancient Texts, the Universal Truths. They will study movement and Balance in the body. They will know what Ancient Arts they choose – yoga, martial arts, and the aesthetic spiritual practices. They will know how to access their third eye, how to travel outside the body and how to be One with their Monad. They will know how to eat to take care of their body.

Children will have many new ways of learning we have never seen before. There will be Holographic Learning. There will be LERN technology. There will be adaptive machines we do not know at this time. These are available now. Children will learn advanced math at very young ages. They will master Quantum Physics as it relates to the Earth Grid and their own bodies. Children will learn Hands on Healing. They will learn as many other languages as they desire. Children will learn the True Science in the Natural World. They will learn the Truth about the Magical Kingdoms. They will learn about Unicorns, Mermaids, Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns, Wizards, and their place in our World, along with their Origins from Other Planets. Children will learn the Sacred Mysteries in the seed, stem, leaf, and flower and how they relate to the biorhythmic cycles of the Moon and the Sun. They will learn the barren times and the growth times.

They will learn to live in Harmony with all the Universe. They will learn about the Two Leggeds, the Animal Kingdom, the Elemental Kingdom, and the Cetacean Kingdom as well as all the living Creatures that share Mother Gaia with us. Children will learn in the Holodecks on the Ships to Master these Worlds.

The Children will visit their Counterparts at Inner Earth. They will learn that Every Planet becomes a Star and Earth has an Inner Sun and Inner Continents and Seas. They will travel to the StarPortals in the Poles and see how the Ships travel through the Poles to Inner Earth. At Inner Earth they will meet the Sentient Sea Beings, the Whales, Dolphins, and MerPeople. They will learn about how to travel from Inner Earth to the Surface through Worm Holes. They will learn about how these are Connected with the StarGates, Portals, and Pyramids with Zero Point Energy brought in through the Ziggurats and Mounds built by the Original People, the Aboriginal Moabite Nation.

The Children will learn to hand make wind and string instruments and drums and play music on them.

The children will learn Dance and Song, Plays and Theatre. The Children will learn to Share Stories with All these Mediums.

The Children will learn to Sculpt, Paint, Draw, and Create Graphically in all ways. They will know how to draw Holographically. They will know photography at very early ages.

The Children will bring through New Art, Fractals, and will understand the Connections between Numbers and Creation. They will understand the meanings behind the Tree of Life, the Flower of Life, and the Seed of Life. They will know they are Created out of their Mother, Sekhmet, from the Antimatter Universe into the Matter Universe. They will know their Father, Ra, who Created this Universe. They will know they are Co-Creator gods/goddesses who have abilities of levitation, telepathy, teleportation, time travel, crossing the StarGates, and InterPlanetary Travel.

When the children study art they will know it is math; as they learn baking, they will know it is chemistry. They will study energetics and vibrations. When they study the Body they will understand the Divine Blueprint as it applies to the Adam Kadmon Body, the Earth, the Galaxy, and the Universe.

Knowing all of these things together, they will be our Future Teachers.



  1. Dear name is Zeer. I would like to thank you for the inspiring posts you put up on this site. I was particularly impacted by this one about teaching our children. Please how do you come by all this do I get to communicate with you and others who are aware of these issues and their installment in our lives. I would like to engage and be of service in these areas how can this be so. Kind regards love Zeer

  2. Zeer,

    You are the first person in 5 years who has expressed any interest in communicating. If you read this my email is 'ragnarok2 at'. I'd like to chat with other seekers of like mind. Ragnarok, in Norse mythology, is the final battle between and good and evil...I find that most appropriate.