Friday, February 05, 2010

The Great Unraveling

Greetings, This is Ashtar.

Haven't we all been slightly amused by watching the Great Unraveling?

How many different ways can a story be spun?

When you see the Queen of England's Hologram in an Economic Summit saying she has been very rich due to the Land she owns, and she believes it is time to give back the Lands to the less fortunate...Well! There is some Galactic Spin!

It is amazing to watch the stories around the Central Bank and the Worldwide scramble for funds. Everyone is broke. For the dark Holograms in government, and the Royal Families around the World, their accounts have been drained. This is the end for them. Without funds they are unable to work their schemes.

We have also noticed a change in The President. The news broadcasters have been guessing at the reason he is showing more personality lately. The reason is he is enthusiastically watching behind the scenes the complete dissolution of the old TimeLine and the puppet government Holograms he has been working with.

It will be a great moment when he can work with in- the-flesh people who really care about making things right for the Many. I am not talking about Americans, I am referring to All People, Worldwide. There is a lighter mood around the White House lately watching the rest of Washington unravel.

There are subtle changes, too. Where the Media used to say "The Obama Administration" they have become more specific, now saying "The Judicial Branch". In other words, if the Supreme Court Justices are making the news, the Media reports are more descriptive and less vague.

There was another Earth Quake today, this time off shore near California, as the tectonic plates under the Seas of Mother Gaia shift into place. The StarGates are open and Earth Ascension continues. Just as we clear and cleanse things from our Bodies, Mother Earth clears and cleanses things from Hers. There were no tsunami warnings from this Quake, and we help with our technology, to assist these changes in the Etheric Body of Earth, with as little damage or loss as possible.

More of you are experiencing and remembering your night work. More are asking for their Mission upgrades and Night Training. This is very encouraging to us because it means you remember that we are all Family. In order for us to work with you, you must ask. Please do continue to ask for healing in your bodies, removal of implants, healing of emotional issues, clearing out old programs, and balancing of your energetic bodies.

Also ask for upgrades. You may be as detailed or as general in the request as you wish. You may want to ask by saying 'Please help me with the Highest Good in this situation'. There are times when we have a different perspective and then may Guide you to a Higher Potential. Also ask for help healing interpersonal relationships. You may have had issues come up with those close to you as you share the Truth, as you understand it. If you are experiencing this, we Thank You.

Thank You for taking the risk in your confidence and sharing the love from your heart. Each time something is said, even if others seem not to listen, or care, know that it is impacting these Ones and others around you. Every word of Truth that is spoken is like a flicker of Light and it spreads out and becomes bigger, once it has been spoken in the World of Form. This Light sparks and takes it own life, growing the Light as it goes. Let everyone know we will have Mass Decloakings, No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes.

Do you feel the joy? Have you been able to feel the increase in joy lately as the old TimeLine crumbles right before your eyes? Have you been able to feel the joy from your Galactic Family as we make our final preparations before Landings? We are in place and we are ready.

Locally we have trillions of Ships and we are almost unable to contain the excitment of reuniting with our Family. We, like you, have been eagerly anticipating reuniting with our Twin Flames. We look forward to the instant recall and the first long hug. We look forward to the New Children joining your expanding families and the changes it will bring.

To have the ability to see PEACE on Earth has been a Dream held in Our Hearts for longer than Memory. To know that the struggle is nearly over, the pristine lands will be restored, and magic returns to our hearts, has all of us here, excited indeed! I wish to Thank each and every Lightworker who has patiently and steadfastly done their part in returning this Planet to Love.

The Time for Peace is Now. ~Ashtar

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