Sunday, January 24, 2010

Master Hilarion Message Jan 24/10

Master Hilarion Message Jan 24/10
Sunday, 24 January 2010 17:13
January 24 -31, 2010

Hello again, Beloved Lightworkers,

This week there is much I would like to speak with you about. The powerful Cosmic energies that have been pouring forth upon your World have now increased in frequency and vibration and most of you who have been preparing yourselves can now hear a higher pitch in your ears as you adjust to this new level. Again, it is a time to ensure that you remember to drink plenty of water each day and that your body is well hydrated at all times. Water as you have heard before, is a great conductor of energies and it is most helpful to each of you at this time. Listen to your bodies and become attuned with them, your body knows exactly what it needs at all times to take you through the next phase of your spiritual growth into Ascension. There are even times when your body craves desserts and other sweets that you have been studiously avoiding. If you find yourselves craving a food or dish, then by all means go with it and indulge yourself, for it is better to take the path of least resistance and satisfy the demands of your body elemental. Take comfort in the knowledge that there is something within that food that your body requires at this particular moment. This is a time for each of you to attune to yourselves, your Higher Selves and your Great I AM Presences. There is a great metamorphosis taking place within you now and the process of aligning with your Light body is well underway. Do not be concerned if you are unable to see this when you look at yourself in the mirror… it is an energetic makeover and unless all your higher senses are fully operational, it will not be easily discernible. There are many downloads and attunements taking place and I am sure, each of you are feeling these. Seek ever to raise yourselves even higher in your spiritual disciplines and endeavors. Follow your intuition and inner guidance and take the next step that you are being given and as you do this, more grace and ease unfolds for you, for this is what is meant by going with the flow. If you find yourselves doing something totally different at the start of a new day than what you had planned the night before, do not fight it, just do it and you will find yourselves experiencing the joy and happiness of living in each moment of now. It is in attuning to the rhythm of your Higher Self and Great I AM Presence that you will make the greatest strides in expansion and forward movement. Expand your consciousness by exploring new ideas and methods of doing things, keep your consciousness moving and growing and learning and in this way you are changing with the changes that are taking place upon and within your Planet. Try to tune into the rhythm of Mother Earth as well and listen for her song, for the new crystalline grids are now online and are informing those who can hear, the activities that are taking place all over the Planet. There are also many updates and messages that come through from our Galactic Brothers and Sisters. The language of Light is once again established upon the Earth and the Earth's children are learning its nuances in every facet of their daily lives. There will come a time when all upon the Earth will be in such attunement with the Earth that you will realize that you are and always have been, One with Her. This will be a glorious and happy experience for all. Much awaits those who are moving into the higher consciousness realms, much that will delight you in untold ways. This is your destiny, Beloved Ones.

Until next week…..

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff


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