Friday, September 04, 2009

The Plan


Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009, 11:52 AM

If the 'E.T.s' simply hand us everything, how is that in alignment with our own responsibility of creating and maintaining our own sovereignty?
Isn't our whole ascension predicated upon our own creations, especially of creating for ourselves the New Earth?
Thank you,

We have never said our Family would "Simply hand us everything!"

The Black Farmers Claims revealed mass collusion and fraudulent theft of property. Then we examined the Private Corp:Fed Res & their collection strong arm:IRS. More fraud and more collusion between Congress, the Big Banks, Big Gov't and the Courts and we found more theft and worse.

By 1993 it was so obvious that the only way to solve or resolve the horrendous interlocking local, national and international corruption, was to go back to the beginning of the worst: the 1913 Fed Res giveaway by Congress, and to make all necessary changes. That means ending the Income Tax Theft; False loans in which no money was put up by the Lenders, while charging usary rates, and everything in between. So what we now know as NESARA Law, is the solution that emerged to awarding restitution for what has been stolen from all from that beginning. Since this is a worldwide situation, a plan to spread the changes to the planet was also crafted.

Secondly, the galactics will provide advice and mentorship. Most of the devices and technologies were previously given for the good of the People...who never were allowed to benefit. The Cabal took the best and then charged us large amounts to maintain and expand their control over us. Some of these ways included mandating a petroleum base for all worldwide industry and consumers...even though Tesla had clearly shown that the whole planet could be given free source power with no need for oil or gas at all.

The result is the pollution of air, water, soil aided by greedy Big Pharma/Ag Chemical and the pollution of our physical systems from non-nutritive food laced with every imaginable toxic chemical the body can not remove naturally.

So then all the alphabet agencies--although not all the employees--including religions, colluded to keep true knowledge from us. Whistleblowers were fired or worse. Galactic presence was covered up for over 62 years...while negative ETs were given rights to experiment, abduct, and far worse...and positive Galactic assistance was denied or used to gain military weapons and technologies and the positive use of these denied to the public.

Now, we will simply have restored to us our Sovereign, divine rights including the Truth that will set us free. We will be offered all manner of medical, educational, economic upliftment, in a partnership investment in our spiritual evolvement...with out which life would have no purpose, meaning or satisfaction. For those who ask, allow and choose their own manner and mode of participation in joyful and fulfilling ways, the potentials are unlimited.

For those who do not choose to participate and add to the wholeness their joy and enthusiastic support, they will be shifted to a timeline in which they will continue with life as they now know it until they ask and demonstrate their readiness to evolve beyond whatever current limits they are expressing.

The New Plan is for ONLY, Peace and Joy in interactive reverent relationship with Nature and all family of One. That will take some clearing away of distortions, untruths and untruthful ones. No one said this path is a 'free lunch'. Spiritual progress back to the higher dimensions, has rewards that take us so far beyond ignorance and limitations of any kind that the responsibilities and capacities will seem relatively easy.
Vibrant good health will soon be available to all who ASK and allow. Clean air, water and soil and the removal of all toxic practices and manifestations will get a major advancement with the activations of planetary crystals of immense power...hidden in safe locations since the fall of Atlantis. This will occur at 9:09 on 9:9:9: Next Wednesday.

Accountability will be required. The only true law is the Law of the One, and its corollary, the Law of Attraction. Responsible management of all resources will be immediately implemented. The Earthmother has demanded that no longer will she accept the pollution of her domain. All new arrivals must be of 5thDimension or higher to be born or locate here.

Every aspect of existing practices, in all areas, have been examined and new solutions crafted. Extremely advanced and very detailed plans have been drafted and will begin to be implemented following this increase in sustainable power activation on the 9th, which will achieve 75% of full ascension capabilities, and will power the new devices needed. All of this requires our willing assistance. In fact, we all were chosen for our readiness and past experiences that will be needed when these changes commence.

The New Plan for this New Holographic Matrix, involves Consensus Reality participation and establishment. This is a co-creative model of us and all higher levels in this universe and beyond.

What we choose by thought, word, deed and feelings will affect all life, and that is about as responsible a task as any could imagine. It will involve all of us working in harmony and unity. No one will be 'loafing' although what we now call work will seem to be miraculously upshifted and menial work will be accomplished in new ways with replicators and artificial intelligence so advanced as to be sentiently aware of goals, purposes, methodologies that support our co-creative efforts beautifully.
These developments already exist on the ships. New communications technologies and skills will be introduced and employed, and will develop our higher faculties beyond our wildest current imaginations.

Do not worry about your age, current knowledge or health. All that is being upgraded through inner and outer advancements occurring or which will become available shortly. With all the necessities of a quality of life that will be provided, you will quickly see just how Bright your pre-planning for this life really was. Inifinite Love is behind it all.
No one is greater or less to that Source.

Mark Huber

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