Saturday, November 08, 2008


Is this real? Is this what we have been waiting for? Raven

On Nov 4, Election Day, Ashtar made a clear statement: "NESARA IS NOW THE LAW OF THE LAND!!!"

When George W failed to comply with Basel II by the deadline on 9/30/08, he forfeited his power. The next day, Oct 1, 2008, Basel II went in to effect and the King of Swords exercised his Martial Law Authority to advance program funds to comply. KOS sent in teams to the major banks to replace the ousted ones and to prepare the infrastructure for NESARA. All Gold and Precious Metals backed currency are now in the banks and await the signal to commence operations INSIDE NESARA Law.

On Oct 2, we officially were placed within NESARA Law, not under, Inside. W and VP were placed under House arrest and Nancy Pelosi exercised some of her emergency powers as Acting President. NONE of this was officially Announced.

Faction two has for years been talking about "Packages and Deliveries". That is all Faction Two Fiction and was connected with their own Faction One/Two Banker Plans and Country Settlement funds, which will NOT be paid to criminals at any level, as it is also stolen money. The President of Germany has also been a double agent because she knew where the Gold was kept after it was removed from the Philippines in 1994. Faction Three has had the Sole responsibility for economic blessings since the '70s. All such are safe and complete instructions will be contained in the documents all recipients of the programs will receive by men working for the King of Swords and not any private delivery services as has been suggested by others.

Faction Two Fictitious packages have nothing to do with the 78 Programs which are part of NESARA's funding.

As we have been advising for some time: Only Lady Master Nada can Announce NESARA and NO Deliveries will commence until after she so states on TV, at the time of our Announcement of NESARA.

Not one dime of settlements money has or will be paid to any Cabalistas. Congress was allowed to seal their own fate by the votes of the Senate and House of Representatives. The corrupt ones took the bribes and voted with the Cabal. The White Knights were told by St Germain to go along and to take the bribes and then those funds were sequestered as evidence. Not one dime was spent by any White Knights in Congress. This and several other recent events have taken place so that the corrupt ones would reveal themselves and write their own futures.

St Germain told them: "You have some difficult votes ahead of you. Be very mindful of the implications of those choices. Otherwise I'll see you on the other side of the veil."

So, as many of you have read, much publicity about what Paulson and company thought they had achieved. However, Mother Sekhmet told us that NOT ONE DIME OF THAT MONEY HAS BEEN RECEIVED. You might say that the bait was too irresistible for them to pass, so they went for it, and thereby sealed their fates.

INSIDE NESARA Law means that ACCOUNTABILITY has moved to the top of the priority list. Everyone is NOW accountable for every thing we do.

On Oct 30th, 10,000 ex-bankers, CEOs and associates caught red-handed stealing and fraudulently committing treason. The evidence was considered by Patrick Fitzgerald's 56 Grand Juries which met for more than 3 years. 10,000 guilty verdicts were rendered. Those ones were secretly arrested and temporarily taken to various US holding facilities. The KOE{King of Egypt} was in charge of that operation and ordered them brought to a location in Asheville, NC during the wee hours of 10/30 where all were placed on large transports and flown with FBI, CIA and Military escorts to the Hague. Many clones or holograms were put into place in many of these cases of high profile executives until this final series of actions.

Their crimes mandated the death penalty and they will never return. Many thousands of others have preceded them over the last 1 1/2 years to various confinement facilities in Europe, where average sentences of 25 years were applied by the World Court. This is all happening INSIDE NESARA Law.

On Nov 4th, Barack Obama and many others were elected and their oaths are not old paradigm oaths. All these ones and all appointees since 10/2 and continuing will be held totally accountable INSIDE NESARA Law and will be swiftly removed if they do not fulfill their oaths. Many selections for Cabinet level positions have begun to be made. Most of these ones are old dragon aligned/Rothschild subservient.

During our conference call tonight, Mother Sekhmet said: All of these ones are NOW in after-hours meetings at which they are being told: You are on the edge of your destiny, if you do not act appropriately you will be taking yourselves out. The old Trilateral/ CFR/ Rothschild or Rockefeller/Mossad contracts are ended and you are free to determine your future NOW.

The Ancient of Days is the Decider, not the Cabal, and they are being so advised now.

Nancy Pelosi, was called into after hours meetings tonight as well, and was told that 911 Accountability is NOW ON THE TABLE. That will require Congress to convene...and even she did not know that, at 5pm tonight, when she stated that unless Obama calls for an economic stimulus package tomorrow, no Lame Duck Session would be called. Dennis Kucinich and Barbara Boxer have stated on Air America Radio this week that 911 and Impeachment would be the means of full accountability for all these ones. That will now be called into action, in the House and Senate to meet their responsibilities and accountabilities. As many of you know, most of the congressional members will be criminally held responsible for their complicity. About 62 of the present ones are White Knights. The newly elected ones will have to meet integrity, honesty and accountability standards quite new to most politicians or they will be quickly removed and replaced. We have entered the New Golden Era of NESARA.

Barack Obama is scheduled to hold an Economic Press Conference Friday morning. We will see what he has to tell us about his plans. He is also aware that his alignment with the Rothschilds/Old Dragons is up for abrogation or cancellation. He is also on probation. If he makes the right decisions he will have the power transferred to him by Nancy Pelosi, because P and VP will be declared dead. That will come as a complete surprise to the Cabal, which thought that they had 100 days to make mischief, because Obama wasn't expected to have any authority until his Jan 20th Inauguration.

Three exceptions to the general requirements of NESARA Law involve Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama...all have been and still are, double agents, who 'stepped down' and were put back in place until the Announcement can be made. Thus they are White Knights who are still playing out the last steps of their important roles.

IRS is dissolved, except for refunds. There will be simple statements that can be written on any such statements received so that no payments will be necessary, except for requesting your refund check.

Federal Reserve has been absorbed into the US Treasury. Constitutional and Common Laws, Inside NESARA Law are restored and Statue Laws and Admiralty laws will no longer be the legal standard, even though no reversals will take place until after the Announcements are publicly proclaimed.

We are in the Announcement process since October 2nd.

Every action now must comply with those provisions. Mother Sekhmet said tonight that the meetings underway, as I write this, will change the marching orders of all congressional and other leaders effective tomorrow. Again, 911 is the key revelation that ties the treasonous deeds of all these ones together.

All arrests and removals will be accomplished prior to the official announcement. We are now going to see miraculous happenings. Everything you will see was set and is being implemented on an exact schedule determined in 1980, but which could not be revealed until now. We are going to be astounded by what happens and how fast it happens. Suspend your disbelief and just observe. We began Fiscal Year 2009 on Oct 1st. It all happens now.

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