Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The American People Must Grab their Freedom Now !

The American People Must Grab their Freedom Now !

Benjamin Fulford


The United States is about to go bankrupt. What happens next depends on the
American people. We could either have World War 3 accompanied by genocide or
World Peace followed by an era of unprecedented prosperity.

The situation in the US depends largely on whether the white hats in the
Pentagon and the alphabet soup of government agencies take down the
financial oligarchs. The important thing for them to realize is that the
financial system you have lived in was nothing but a giant mirage designed
to blind the American people from reality. Now that the financial system is
collapsing, you will realize that you still have your factories, your
military might, your land, your know-how and your people. All you need is to
put your best minds at work to come up with a new system controlled by the
people and not by a secret inter-married clan of Satan worshippers. You will
realize that you have been enslaved in your own land by a parasitical
financial class. These people got their hands on the dollar printing machine
back in 1913. They then used a combination of bribes, murder and propaganda
to slowly, slowly capture the once free people of America.

The people of the rest of the world will provide the people of America with
generous financing to rebuild their schools, their infrastructure, their
factories etc. as soon as you have freed yourself of the Satanists. The
Pentagon and the military industrial complex will also be generously funded
and offered a chance to become the core of a world army in charge of
defending the planet and exploring the universe.

If the American people do not act, the Satanists will use their army of
Blackwater mercenaries to put at least a million free-thinking Americans
into concentration death camps. They will then install a horrific
totalitarian slave state that will attempt to kill as many people as
possible throughout the planet. They have been preparing a secret army in
giant underground bases complete with suppressed technology capabilities
such as anti-gravity and the control of vast amounts of primeval energy.

A source in the British Royal Family tells me the fiscal year end of your
secret government is September 30th. He says a financial "black hole" will
be evident on October 5th. The reason, he says, is that the European branch
of the Western secret government, as well as governments throughout the
world, have been robbed by the Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller clan of Satan
worshipping Nazis. They have told them to pay up or be cut off from the rest
of the world financial system. Of course, they cannot pay up because they
have been spending all that money on project blue-beam, a planned fake
Armageddon . The Rothschilds, whose real name is Bauer, are also a nasty
bunch and their system in Europe may also implode, and if so, good riddance.
However, it is important at this point to offer an amnesty to all members of
the secret government who pledge to work for world peace and against the
planned nightmare scenario. That might even mean plugging your noses and
agreeing to work with the nuclear loving, tree-hugging fake CO2 global
warming crowd. If we isolate the truly nasty Thule Society and Skull and
Bones Nazis from the rest of the secret government, then a war scenario
becomes increasingly unlikely.

The American people also need to install an interim government to replace
the Bush regime and dismantle the Zionist propaganda machine before holding
free and fair elections. That will mean replacing the puppet-actors McCain
and Obama with real candidates. The members of the Senate and House who
received Zionist bribes will also have to resign an appear before a truth

Once the American people are free, a cornucopia of SF-like wondrous
technology that has been kept in the hands of the secret government will be
made available to humanity as a whole. Multiple US government sources tell
me these technologies include free energy, warp-speed space travel,
star-gate portals and more. As long as humanity ends its war-like ways and
stops it ceaseless tribal warfare, it will enter an era so wonderful that
nothing before, except perhaps the Cambrian explosion, will compare.

Americans now hold the future of humanity in their hands. What will it be:
death and horror or freedom in a new golden age? What happens in the next
few weeks will determine what happens over the next several billion years.
We will either be allowed to expand exponentially out into the universe or
we will be once again reduced to a primitive miserable state locked on the
surface of a tiny vulnerable planet.

People of America, the eyes of the world are now on you.

Benjamin Fulford

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