Friday, September 21, 2007

What if...

What If.....
by Nawlene, 9/20/2007

What if...?
As I was watching CNN this morning there was a short blurb about concerns of China and Russia possibly forming an alliance. In thinking about this I turned the tables and applied a little logic; be it a bit "twisted logic" but logic nonetheless.

Let us say there is a China/Russia alliance who create a plan regarding what is happening in the United States. Everyone around the world knows that the Bush Administration and Congress have destroyed our country after millions of people in IRAQ were killed including our own soldiers. Nuclear warheads have been mishandled, along with taxpayers money. They have used their position to further their own personal sick agendas, bullied other countries all over the world, have weapons of mass destruction, and have nearly completed the dismantling of the United States Constitution.
America probably appears to "need intervention" just as our present "DECIDER" chose to set Iraq free of the tyranny, corruption, and mass murders inflicted by Saddam Hussein. There have been governments whose leaders have been overthrown for far fewer crimes than Bush and his administration have committed. We are unable to rid ourselves of this corrupt, evil administration and are in need of being "saved" by an external force.

Now what if... they (China & Russia) decided the only hope for American citizens would be to "intervene" on our behalf because it is obvious to the entire world that Americans are not being heard by their President or Congress?
What if... in an "act of compassion," the alliance decided to go into the U.S. and free the American people from the tyranny and criminal elements of our government?
What if... they also decide to build military bases, patrol our streets, lean on us to re-write our constitution; adding laws to include provisions allowing their alliance rights to our oil reserves?
What if... they came to America in the guise of freeing us from the tyranny and corruption of our own government and hire private contractors from their countries (mercenaries) to patrol our streets and kill without being held accountable for their actions?
What if... they come here to "free" us but instead, steal all of our country's gold while raping and murdering innocent men, women and children, bombing our bridges, hotels, hospitals, factories, water supply systems and leaving our streets ablaze as they move deliberately through every private residence of anyone who may be a dissenter?
Then in helping us rebuild our country, what if they open it up for their own private sector, to secure no-bid contracts with outrageously lucrative payouts to slap together flimsy buildings and bridges because they don't feel building codes are needed?
What if... they waged a continuous occupation of America so they could make us just like them?
No country would EVER do this to another country, would they? Nevertheless this twisted logical scenario does conjure up images.

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