Saturday, August 25, 2007

Live on purpose

Live this moment, live this day on purpose. Choose to create

the world around you according to your most deeply held


Life is not a random accident. Whatever is happening in your

life at any time is the result of some specific set of

thoughts and actions.

Instead of complaining about your circumstances, get busy

and create some new ones. Reach down into the purpose that

is within you and connect that purpose with all you do.

When your actions have no real basis in meaning, then the

slightest setback can stop you cold. By contrast, when you

give true purpose to each day, even the most difficult

challenges will serve to lift you ever higher.

Your most treasured dreams are yours for a very good reason.

You are the one special person who can make them real.

Do yourself a big favor and give this day a meaningful

purpose. Feel the stimulating, dynamic energy of life as you

truly make a positive difference in your world.

Ralph Marston

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