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Resolutions from Chicago 9/11 Conference

Chicago Conference
911:Revealing the Truth,
Reclaiming Our Future
June 2-4, 2006

The Chicago conference was a tremendous success. Hundreds of 9/11 Skeptics attended, as many as 700 on-site at one time, about 1000 over the course of the weekend. Session presenters included: Barrie Zwicker (CBC), Alex Jones (PrisonPlanet.COM), Webster Griffin Tarpley (911 Synthetic Terror), Barbara Honegger (Senior Military Affairs Journalist, Navy) Dylan Avery (Loose Change), Carol Brouillet (Deception Dollar, congressional candidate), Prof. Jim Fetzer (U. Minn.), Prof. Steven Jones (BYU Physics), Rick Siegel (911 Eyewitness), Annie Machon (MI5), Meria Heller (Internet Radio Pioneer), Morgan Reynolds (Former Bush Admin.), Dave Slesinger (Nonviolence Activist), Kevin Ryan (Underwriters Labs), Robert Bowman (Fmr. head of Star Wars), Jim Marrs and many others.

News from the Conference

There has been tremendous progress in our understanding and evidence of the events of 9/11. There is a growing consensus for the following conclusions:

1. Controlled Demolition using thermite (and other explosives).

Professor Steven Jones presented what I think is compelling proof that thermite was used to bring down the buildings. His conclusions are based on both film of thermite reaction products falling from the building moments before collapse, but also on chemical analysis of samples of the molten metal recovered from the base of the towers.

2. No passenger plane at the Pentagon.

Barbara Honegger, a Navy historian who has had the opportunity to interview many of the witnesses to the attacks on the Pentagon provided evidence that the official account of that attack is false in every respect. Her conclusion is that, like the towers and building 7, explosives planted inside the building, not a plane strike, were responsible for the damage and loss of life. She reports that the plane observed by Dulles flight controllers to have executed a tight 270deg turn over the pentagon was almost certainly not flight 77, but was in fact a military jet dispatched after the explosions to assess damage to the building. And the report from that pilot was that there was no evidence of a plane impact. She also suggests that the real target of the attacks may have been the DOD auditors who were attempting to track down the missing $2.3 trillion ($2,300,000,000,000) which sec Rumsfield had announced on 9/10/01. It was the quarters of the audit team, in the basement floors below the supposed plane impact, that were most heavily damaged.

3. Military Drills were used as cover for the attack.

Webster Tarpley lays out a very convincing case that military drills were used as cover and pretext for the attacks of 9/11. Using drills, our own military resources were directed, in supposed practice attacks, which were 'flipped live' by moles working within the government. Using such drills, most of the fighter air cover of the US was redirected to Alaska and Canada. Other drills were used to inject dozens of false 'blips' onto FAA radar screens. Still other drills, ones using 'live fly' hijacked aircraft, were apparently 'flipped live' and the planes crashed into the towers under remote control.

4. The 'hijackers' are mere patsies, DOD controlled "red team" actors.

The supposed 'hijackers' are essentially actors trained by the military and CIA to play the part of the "red team" in simulated terrorist drills. The now famous "Able Danger" program was most likely one half, the red half, of a hijack drill the other half being "Able Warrior."

5. The "corporate media" has been captured and is now propaganda 24/7.

The main stream media was missing in action. With the notable exception of Alan Feuer of the NY Times, there was essentially no US corporate media coverage of the conference. There was, however; a crew from a major Italian TV channel and they inform us that Italian TV has had major coverage of the 9/11 movement for some time. In spite of the media blackout it is remarkable how many cameras, film crews, interviewers, independent broadcasters, bloggers, webmasters, book authors and other disseminators of information were in attendance. Judging by the number and enthusiasm of the independent media members in attendance there will be no stopping the 9/11 Truth Movement.

6. Conference adopts action plan resolution.

The concluding plenary session of the Chicago 9/11 Truth Conference adopted by acclamation a resolution put forward by the delegation. This resolution builds on the wide consensus of the conference and outlines an action plan for 911Truth groups to peruse for the remainder of the year. Read the resolution.

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